The reviewer is required to comply with ethical guidelines for reviewers developed by the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers.
    The most important ratings in a review are:
    - novelty;
    - usefulness;
    - originality.
    These estimates must be stated in expanded form.
    The review should be objective and constructive without hostile, slanderous and derogatory comments.
    The reviewer must:
    - respond promptly to the review proposal;
    - comply with the review period;
    - protect the confidentiality of the review;
    - avoid involving third parties in reviewing;
    - specify criticism, confirming it with convincing evidence;
    - clarify the specific proposed additional studies to strengthening or expanding conclusions and a reviewed paper;
    - avoid own stylistic preferences in reviewing;
    - notify immediately the journal if there is not enough competence to review all aspects of the manuscript. Do not wait for the review date because it delays the review process.
    Generic requirements: Follow the rules for publishing articles adopted in the "Journal of New Medical Technologies. eJournal".
    Content requirements:
    ▪ Self-sufficiency. The article should contain basic information on the topic.
    ▪ Visibility. The article may contain the illustrations to improve the perception of text material, but no repeat it.
    Information Quality Requirements:
    ▪ Compliance with the latest advances in science and clinical practice.
    ▪ The accuracy, reliability and validity of the provided information.
    ▪ Application of the principles of evidence-based medicine, standardization of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
    ▪ Use of the latest classifications and nomenclatures: ICD-10, International SI system of units, etc.
    ▪ Compliance of the nomination of medicines to the State Register of Medicines. The first is the international non-proprietary name, followed by the most commonly used trade names in Russia.
    Style Requirements:
    ▪ Subject Headings. The structure of the text is clearly defined - from the title of the article, the presence of headings and subheadings to a single sentence. This text is convenient to use and find the necessary.
    ▪ Consistency, consistency and ease of presentation without unnecessary details.
    ▪ Clarity of definitions, their accessibility for understanding by readers.
    ▪ Uniqueness of terms and consistent use of one term for homogeneous objects and phenomena.
    ▪ Compliance with the norms of the modern Russian language. Exclude: many introductory words, irrelevant clarifications, excessive number of abbreviations.
    ▪ Use bold or italics for key ideas in the text.
    Note: Discussion articles, excluding articles of an antisocial nature, are accepted for publication after review and may be accompanied by a dissenting opinion of the Editorial board.
    In the final part, the reviewer substantiates the conclusions about the advisability of publishing materials in the "Journal of New Medical Technologies. eJournal". In the case of a negative review, the reviewer must present reasoned and clearly formulated conclusions in the final part of the review. The review must be signed by the reviewer. It should indicate the place of work of the reviewer, the position of the reviewer, his academic titles and degrees, the date and can be sent by e-mail.
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